The Data Platform Built for Business

Sermos provides all the tooling, databases, and pipelines necessary to rapidly deploy machine learning (ML) and data-centric applications at enterprise scale.

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Meet Sermos

Sermos allows your business to quickly leverage machine learning to improve efficiency and build value. The platform is packed with existing tools and models for common ML tasks (extracting text, language detection, classification) and allows you to seamlessly run your custom models and algorithms.


Built for Takeoff

We’ve already set up, optimized, and connected the complete infrastructure to handle all your documents, while scaling up and down to handle any surge in volume.

Built To Last

We have all the data extraction tools, classification methods, process pipelines, task managers, NLP models, and APIs you need. Have anything custom you want to add? No problem, we can integrate those too.

Built Tough

Sermos is hardened through years of bulletproofing our process in high-stakes industries like energy, finance, healthcare, and professional sports. Let’s work together to build on everything we’ve learned.

Built Better Every Day

You have more important things to worry about than uptime requirements, bug fixes, idle resources, and feature additions. We’ll handle all of that so you can focus on using your data to drive value for your customers.

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